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SGTS has received full accreditation with TACI. Transworld Logo


Being mindful of God’s will that His children be taught the content and practical applications of His Word in every aspect of learning and every activity of life and firmly believing that Christ-centered education is a necessary part of the fulfillment of His will, Southwest Georgia Theological Seminary has been established.

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View a map to the school, which is a part of Sylvester First Free Will Baptist Church.

General Information

Southwest Georgia Theological Seminary offers tuition free theology classes.  The only cost is the price of textbooks and a $40 registration fee; however, donations are welcome. Scholarships and/or payment plans may be available.

  • Anyone interested in attending SGTS must complete the information included in the New Student Information Package and bring it to Registration. Registration for each semester will be on the date and time shown in the drop down box.
    The packet can also be mailed to Southwest Georgia Theological Seminary,
    PO Box 45, Sylvester, GA 31791
  • Included in the package is a pastoral reference form which must be completed and signed by the pastor of the student’s church.
  • Also included is a transcript request for those who have successfully completed courses with other organizations. It would expedite placement in the program if this information was obtained prior to registration. The chancellor will conduct interviews with prospective students so this information is necessary.
  • Course list can be found on the Classes page each semester. Classes for new students will be determined by an interview with Dr. Karen Carr.
  • Each semester there will be an Independent Study course. The course will require students to read a chapter of the textbook each week and write their reflections on the chapters. The reflection will require a specific word count and must contain certain words which will be listed on the worksheet.

Registration is held in the Fellowship Hall of Sylvester First Free Will Baptist Church.  The church is located on the corner of Royal Street and Carmen Lane, approximately two blocks north of US 82.   See the map if you need help locating the school.

Classes are held on Thursday night, from 7:00 pm until 9:30 pm through Zoom sessions.   In order to have unity in the study, all students must use the King James Bible for classwork.   Homework requirements are given so that consistency may be obtained. Text books for the semester are purchased at registration.  

SGTS provides enrolled students access to class assignments and resources through its secure Moodle site. ONLY enrolled students have access to the materials. Instructors will provide access for individual classes.

Classes are taught from a Biblical standpoint - not a denominational one.
The faculty and the student body are inter-denominational.


SGTS is privately accredited by Transworld Accrediting Commission, Riverside, California.  The leadership of Southwest Georgia Theological Seminary sought private accreditation, not public: not designed, organized, or supported by local, state or federal government. Private, and separate, that it should therefore be primarily subject to the sanction of those whom it serves.

Date and times for registration for the Fall 2024, semester
will be posted in July, 2024.
Registration forms may be found
on Moodle and here on this website.