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Being mindful of God’s will that His children be taught the content and practical applications of His Word in every aspect of learning and every activity of life and firmly believing that Christ-centered education is a necessary part of the fulfillment of His will, Southwest Georgia Theological Seminary has been established.

The Tabernacle

During the Fall 2011 session, Dr. Karen Carr taught on the Tabernacle, embarking on a voyage back to the days when God dwelt among his people in the Tabernacle.
This page shows photos of the model that was on display during class on September 22.

Gillionville Baptist Church generously provided the model of the Tabernacle for use as an aid to the studies.  This model was ready for viewing before class began.   God never changes. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever.  The design He used for the Tabernacle in the wilderness is here for us today in Jesus Christ.   The Lord chose to dwell with the people so He would be a Father and God to them.  The only way God could dwell with them, was for them to continually obey the ordinances God had given them through Moses, even those concerning the Tabernacle.  These were but shadows, and we learn through the study that God shared this picture with us so we could clearly see His salvation.

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