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Resource Information

Listed on the right are some useful links for Bible study.

Many sites include different versions of the Bible - great for comparisons.  Some include study topics. Some have commentaries by many of the most respected authors.   Concordances, dictionaries, and maps are available.   Some of these sites have downloadable books so you can study offline.

Inclusion in this list is not necessarily an endorsement.   There are many more Christian sites available, with very sound Biblical doctrine.

Please use any of them prayerfully.

With every writing project comes the task of properly citing the resources used. This is a critical part of of the project. To avoid unwitting plagiarism, please read the information found at the sites given. Examples of what constitutes plagiarism can be found at:

Here are links to help with citing works that are referenced for a paper:

The school library has some excellent books.   Students are allowed to check out library books.


Classes are taught from a Biblical standpoint - not a denominational one.
The faculty and the student body are inter-denominational.

Click here to read the SGTS Handbook. Please make special note of the Code of Conduct on pages three and four.


Registration for Spring, 2020 is closed.

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